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101 Children's Songs for Buskers : Songbook piano/organ/guitar

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101 Children's Songs for Buskers : Songbook piano/organ/guitar
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101 Children's Songs for Buskers : Songbook piano/organ/guitar

All I want for Christmas | The Ants came marching | Away in a Manger | Baa baa black Sheep | Baby Bumble Bee | Bananas in Pyjamas | The Bear went over the Mountain | Bedtime Blues | Bingo | Brown Girl in the Ring | Bondi Tram | Brumby Jack | Bunyip in my Watertank | The Cat came back | Daddy Fox | Did you ever see a Lassie | Down by the Bay | Down to the Sea in Boats | Found a Peamut | Frere Jacques | Frog went A-Courting | Ging Gang Goolie | Going over the Sea | Gravity | Great Tom | Happy Birthday | Happy Moron | Hark the Herald Angels sing | Hi hi the little Boat rides | Humpty dumpty | I know an old Lady who swallowed a Fly | If you're happy and you know it | I'm a little Teapot | I'm a Nut | I'm gonna tell | In the Land of Oz | I was only fooling | I whistle a happy Tune | Jingle Bells | John Brown's holden | Kangaroos like to Hop | Kookaburry sits | Let everyone Clap hands like me | The little Skunk | Little Tommy Tadpole | Little Tommy Tinker | London Bridge | Looby Loo | Love makes the World go round | The marvellous Toy | Me and my Teddy Bear | Miss Polly had a Dolly | Nellie the Elephant | My hat it has three Corners | Nicky knacky knocky noo | Ob-la-di, ob-la-da | Old Hogan's Goat | Once in Royal David's City | One Elephant went out to play | One Finger one Thumb | One Man went to mow | One two three four five | On Top of Spaghetti | Oranges and Lemons | The Owl and the Pussy-Cat | Peanut Butter Sandwitch | Polly Wolly Doodle | Pretty little Dutch Girl | Pumchinello | The Quatermaster's Store | Rattling Bog | Rig-a-jig-jig | Ring-a-ring-a-rosie | Rock-a-bye Baby | Row row row your Boat | Sally go round the Sun | Sandwiches | She'll be comin' round the Mountain | Silent Night | Slowly going crazy | Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah | Spider on the Floor | The teddy bear's Picnic | Ten in the Bed | There's a Hole in the Bucket | This old Man | A thousand hairy Savages | Tiddy lend me your Pigeon | Tiddalik | Threw it out the Window | Turkey in the Straw | Twinkle twinkle little Star | Waltzing Matilda | Watermelon Song | We wish you a merry Christmas | Where oh where has my little Dog gone | While Shepherds watched their Flocks by Night | Why does it have to be me? | The wrong End | Yellow Submarine | You'll never get to Heaven | Children's Songs for Buskers
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ACHTUNG: Dieses zum Thema gefundene YouTube-Video steht leider nicht immer im direkten Zusammenhang mit den hier aufgeführten Noten!

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