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Anthology of Sacred Songs vol.1 : for soprano and piano

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Anthology of Sacred Songs vol.1 : for soprano and piano
23.95 EUR
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Anthology of Sacred Songs vol.1 : for soprano and piano

Spicker, Max, ed I will extol thee my God (from Abraham) - Molique Subtle Love with fancy viewing (from Alexander Balus) - Händel When this Scene of trouble closes (from Cavalry) - Spohr With Verdure clad the Filds appear and On mighty Pens uplifted soars (From The Creation) - Haydn Thou sittest on thy Judgment-Seat (from Destruction of Jerusalem) - Blumner) Hear ye Israel (from Elias) - Mendelssohn Praise ye Jehovah's goodness (from Engedi) - Beethoven My Redeemer and my Lord (from The Golden Legend ) - Sir A. Sullivan Then does mem'ry turn to Days and Once more we see the good by God provided (from Harvest Cantata) - Weber My Father Ah Methinks I see (from Hercules) - Händel These are They which came out of great Tribulation (from The Holy City) - Händel Farewell ye limpid springs and floods (from Jephtha) - Händel Why art thou cast dwon o my Soul (from Jephtha and his Daughter) - Reinthaler Oh had I Jubal's Lyre (from Joshua) - Händel Pious Orgies pious Airs (from Judas Maccabäus) - Händel I will sing unto the Lord a new song (from Judith) - Parry Lord why hidest Thou thy Face (from The Light of the World) - Sullivan Twas even here those Words were spoken (from Mary Magdalen) - Massenet Rejoice greatly o Dauhter of Zion How beautiful are the Feet of Them Come unto Him all ye that Labor I know that my REdeemer liveth (from Messias) - Händel How beautiful are Thy Dwellings o Lord (from Moses) - de Lange Sighing weeping sorrow need (from My Spirit was in Heaviness) - Bach The soft complaining Flute (from Ode on St. Cecilia's Day) - Händel Tho' all riumphant the heav'nly powers (from Paradise Lost (Rubinstein) My Heart ever faithful (from Pentecost Cantata) - Bach Thou to Whom Galilee kneeleth (from Resurrection of Lazarus (Pugno) Let the bright Seraphim (from Samson) - Händel They fled the gloomy Powers (from Saul) - Hiller O how pleasing to the Senses (from The Seasons) - Haydn Thousands of Sins oppress me (from The Seven last Words..) - Mercadante Say what dost Thou bear in the Secret deep (from St. John's Eve) - Cowen Jerusalem Jerusalem Thou killest the Prophets (from St. Paul) - Mendelssohn I mourn as a Dove (from St. Peter) - Benedict Beneath the Cypress gloomy Shade (from Susanna) - Händel) Sun of my Soul thou Saviour dear (from The Ten Virgins) - Gaul)
Verlags-Nr.: GS32578
Verlag: G. Schirmer Inc

ACHTUNG: Dieses zum Thema gefundene YouTube-Video steht leider nicht immer im direkten Zusammenhang mit den hier aufgeführten Noten!

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