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Gershwin: The George and Ira Gershwin Fake Book

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Gershwin: The George and Ira Gershwin Fake Book
29.95 EUR
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Gershwin, George: The George and Ira Gershwin Fake Book

All the livelong Day | An American in Paris | Aren't you Kind of glad we did | Ask me again | The Babbitt and the Bromide | Baby | The Bake Bay Polka | Barbary Coast | Beautiful Gypsy | Because because | I've got beginner's Luck | Bess you is my Woman now | Bidin my Time | Blah-blah-blah | Blue blue blue | Boy wanted | Boy what Love has done to me | Bride and Groom | Bronco Busters | Butnot for me | By Strauss | Cactus Time in Arizona | Changing my Tune | Clap yo Hands | Concerto in F | Could you use me | Dance alone with you | Dancing Shoes | Dawn of a new Day | Dear little Girl | Delishious | Do do do | Do what you do | Don't ask | Embraceable you | Evrybody knows I love somebody | Fascinating Rhythm | Feeling I'm falling | Feeling sentimental | Fidgety Feet | A foggy Day | For you for me for evermore | Funny Face | Got a Rainbow | The Half o fit Dearie Blues | Hang on to me | Hangin around with you | Harlem River chanty | Harlem Serenade | He loves and she loves | Heaven on Earth | High Hat | Hi-ho | How about a Boy like me | How long has this been going on | I can't be bothered now | I don't thinkk I'll fall in Love today | I got plenty o nuttin | I got Rhythm | I love to Rhyme | I loves you Porgy | I meant to say | I must be home by twelve o'clock | I want to be a War Bride | I was doing all right | I won't say I will but I won't say I won't | I'll build a Stairway to Paradise | The illegitimate Daughter | I'm a poached Egg | In the mandarin's Orchid Garden | In the swim | Isn't it a Pity | Isn't it wonderful | It ain't necessarily so | It's a great little World | I've got a Crush on you | I've got to be there | The jolly Tar and the Milk Maid | Just another Rhumba | Just to know you are mine | Katinkitscha | Kickin the Clouds away | A kiss for Cinderella | Krazy for you | Let em eat Cake | Let's call the whole Thing off | Let's kiss and make up | Little Jazz Bird | Liza | Looking for a Boy | The Lorelei | Love is here to stay | Love is sweeping the Country | Love walked in | Luckiest Man in the World | Mademoiselle in New Rochelle | The man I love | Maybe | Military dancing Drill | Mine | Mischa Jascha Toscha Sascha | My Cousin in Milwaukee | My fair Lady | My one and only | Naughty Baby | Nice Baby | Nice work if you can get it | Nightie-Night | Of thee I sing | Oh Bess oh where's my Bess | Oh Gee oh Joy | Oh Kay | Oh Lady be good | Oh so nice | On and on and on | Onte two three | The real American Folk Song | Rhapsody in Blue | Rosalie | S wonderful | Sam and Delilah | Say so | The Senator from Minnesota | Seventeen and twenty-one | Shall we dance | Show me the Town | The simple Life | Slap that Bass | So am I | So are you | So what | Some far-away someone | Some Rain must fall | Somebody from somewhere | Someone | Someone to watch over me | Soon | Sophia | Stiff upper Lip | Strike up the Band | The Sunshine Trail | Sweet and low-down | Tell me more | That certain Feeling | That lost Barbershop Chord | There's a Boat dat's leavin soon for New York | These charming People | They all laughed | They can't take that away from me | Things are looking up | Three Times a Day | Till then | Tonight's the Night | Tra-la-la | Treat me rough | Union Square | Wait a Bit Susie | Waiting for the Sun to come out | Wake up brother and dance | What are we here for | What causes that | When do we dance | Where you go I go | Where's the Boy here's the Girl who cares | Why do I love you | Wintergreen for President | The Woman's Touch | The World is mine | Yankee Doodle Rhythm | You've got what gets me
Verlags-Nr.: FBM0001
Verlag: Alfred Music Publishing GmbH

ACHTUNG: Dieses zum Thema gefundene YouTube-Video steht leider nicht immer im direkten Zusammenhang mit den hier aufgeführten Noten!

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