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Herman: Jerry Hermann : Songbook piano/vocal /guitar

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Herman: Jerry Hermann : Songbook piano/vocal /guitar
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Herman, Jerry: Jerry Hermann : Songbook piano/vocal /guitar

Parade, daraus : | Your Hand in mine | Two a Day | Milk and Honey, daraus : | Shalom | Independence Day hour | That was yesterday | There's no Reason in the World | Let's not waste a Moment | I will follow you | As simple as that | Milk and Honey | Hello Dolly, daraus : | Ribbons down my back | Before the Parade passes by | I put my Hand in | It takes a Woman | Put on your Sunday Clothes | So long Dearie | Dancing | It only takes a Moment | Love Love in my Window | World take me back | Just leave everything to me | Love is only Love | Mame daraus : | It's today | Open a new Window | My best Girl | Bosom Buddies | Mame | The Man in the Moon | We need a little Christmas | Gooch's Song | That's how young I feel | If he walked into my life | Loving you | Dear World, daraus : | I don't want to know | Dear World | Garbage | And I was beautiful | Kiss her now | Tomorrow Morning | I've never said I love you | One Person | The Tea Party : | Memories | Pearls | Dickie | Voices | Thoughts | Through the Bottom of the Glass | Mack & Mabel, daraus : | Movies were movies | I won't send Roses | Tap your Troubles away | Hundreds of Girls | Wherever he ain't | Time heals everything | When Mabel comes in the Room | I promise you a happy Ending | The grand Tour, daraus : | I'll be here tomorrow | I belong there | Mrs. S.L. Jacobowsky | Marianne | You I like | Songs from : | A Day in Hollywood | Jerry's Girl | Ben Franklin in Paris | Just go to the Movies | Take it all off | To be alone with you | La cage aux folles, daraus : | La cage aux folles | Song on the Sand | With you on my Arm | I am what I am | Look over there | The best of Times
Verlags-Nr.: HL385217, , IM4891A
Verlag: Hal Leonard

ACHTUNG: Dieses zum Thema gefundene YouTube-Video steht leider nicht immer im direkten Zusammenhang mit den hier aufgeführten Noten!

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Der Artikel ist derzeit vergriffen, bitte setzten Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung

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