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Mussorgski: Complete Songs in original Keys : or voice and piano (kyr/russ/en)

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Mussorgski: Complete Songs in original Keys : or voice and piano (kyr/russ/en)
37.50 EUR
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Mussorgski, Modest: Complete Songs in original Keys : or voice and piano (kyr/russ/en)

Where are You my little Star Let us be merry The Leaves rustled sadly I have many Towers and Gardens Prayer Tell me why o Maiden Fair What are Words of Love to You The Winds blow the gusty Winds If only I could meet up with You again Oh how your Eyes laook at me sometimes The old Man's Song King Saul Saul's Song before Battle Night Kalistratushka The Outcast Lullaby The Song of Balearets My Heart's Desire Desire Hopak Many have grown from my Tears Light of my Live Savishna O You drunk Good-for-nothing The Seminarian Jewish Song Chatting white-sided Magpie Gathering Mushrooms A little Feast The Mischief-Maker The Billy-Goat The Classicist Down along the Don a Garden blooms The Orphan Boy Lullaby for Eryomushka A little Song for Children Evening Song The forgotten one The Peanut Gallery With my Nanny In the Corner The Beetle Playing with a Doll Now I lay me down to sleep The Cat Sailor At the Countryhouse In four Walls You didn't recognize me in a Crowd The noisy busy Day is over Be bored Elegy On the River A Graveside Letter The misunderstood Girl It didn't strike like a Bolt from Heaven The Soul flew quietly through the Celestial Skies Arrogance Oy is it right for a Fellow to spin Flax It gathers and disperses A Vision The Pilgrim Mephistopheles' Song in Auerbach's Tavern On the Dnieper Lullaby Serenade Trepak The Captain
Verlags-Nr.: GS81791, HL50481791, GS481791
Verlag: G. Schirmer Inc

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