Desi SernaGuitar Rhythm and Technique for Dummies (+CD-ROM) (en)

Serna, Desi

Guitar Rhythm and Technique for Dummies (+CD-ROM) (en)

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If you want to improve your timing, sharpen your technique, or get inspired
by new ideas, Guitar Rhythm & Technique For Dummies breaks down the basics of
reading, counting, strumming, and picking rhythms on guitar to make you an
ace on the axe. You'll learn to play examples of eighth and sixteenth note
rhythms--including common strum patterns heard in popular music--to improve
your rhythm, feel, and timing.
- Covers strum patterns, articulations, and picking techniques
- Showcases musical styles such as pop, rock, blues, folk, and funk
- Includes techniques for playing with your right and left hand
- Provides access to online audio tracks and video instruction so you can
master the concepts and techniques in the book

Whether you're new to guitar or an advanced player looking to improve your
timing and skills, Guitar Rhythm & Technique For Dummies quickly gets you in
the groove before the rhythm gets you.

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