Peter Iljitsch TschaikowskyNone but the lonely Heart and other

Songs for high voice and piano

Tschaikowsky, Peter Iljitsch

None but the lonely Heart and other

Songs for high voice and piano

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At the ball op.38,3
The Canary op.25,4
Cradle song op.16,1
The Cuckoo op.54,8
Death op.57.5
Did my Mother give me Life op.27,5
Disappointme nt op.65,2
Don juan's Serenade op.38,1
Endless Love op.6,4
Farewell op.60,8
Farewell, fond visions op.63,3
He truly loved me so op.28,4
If you but knew op.60,3
It was in early Days of Spring op.38,2
A Legend op.54,5
Linger yet op.16,2
Mignon's Song op.25,3
A Night of Stars op.60,12
No whom I love I'll neverl reveal op.28,1
No Word from thee op.28,5
None but the lonely Heart op.6,6
Not at once did I yield to love's yearning op.63,1
O my Child, in the Silence of Night op.63,6
Oh, leave me not, Friend of mine op.27,3
One small Word op.28,6
Pimpinella op.38,6
Serenade op.65,1
Some one said unto the Fool op.25,6
Song of the Gipsy Girl op.60,7
Speak not O beloved op.6,2
Tears op.65,5
That simple old Ballad, O sing me op.16,4
To sleep op.27,1
'T was you alone op.57,6
Was I not a blade of Grass op.47,7
What care I op.16,5
Wherefore op.28,3
Whether day dawns op.47,6
Why op.6,5
Yearning I wait now alone op.73,6

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