Yann TiersenKerber

for piano (organ)

Tiersen, Yann


for piano (organ)

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'I think there is a similarity between the infinite big and the infinite
smallness of everything', says Yann Tiersen. 'It's the same experiment looking
through a microscope as it is a telescope.'
Named after a chapel in a small village on the island of Ushant, Kerber marks
a new chapter in Tiersens career. A chapter still true to Tiersens nuanced
and subtle approach but one that sets out with his most overtly electronic
material to date. Beautifully textured, highly immersive and thoughtfully
constructed, Tiersen creates an electronic world, providing an environment in
which the piano source exists.
A sense of place has often been a central theme in Tiersens work and here
that is no different. Each track is tied to a place mapping out the immediate
landscape that surrounds Tiersens home, linking back to his thoughts on the
possibilities of the infinite smallness.
Kerber is an extraordinary collection of seven pieces for Solo Piano and
Electronics by critically acclaimed composer Yann Tiersen. This official,
exclusive folio is beautifully printed on high-quality, uncoated paper with
striking graphic artwork. All seven pieces are presented for Solo Piano and
follow a preface from the composer.
Kerlann [Yann Tiersen]
Ar Maner Kozh [Yann Tiersen]
Kerdrall [Yann Tiersen]
Ker Yegu [Yann Tiersen]
Ker al Loch [Yann Tiersen]
Kerber [Yann Tiersen]
Poull Bojer [Yann Tiersen]

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